‘MA’ is a Japanese spatial concept in which an attempt is made to organize the void.

‘HAKU’ is the Japanese word for ‘white’ or ‘empty’.

Together, HAKUMA emerges, which means ‘Only where there is nothing can something new arise.’

We feel this describes what HAKUMA is all about, having the courage to abandon the old in order to create something new.

HAKUMA Whole Tea is available at Spar, dm and in selected branches of Merkur and Billa. Here you can shop online!

The hottest place in  town doesn't serve HAKUMA? Let's change that. 

Contact us: wtf@hakuma.com

Whole Tea is the result of our process, that involves grinding our premium tea into a delicate micro-grind-tea and combining it with fruit from all over the world.

We love glass. It looks chic and protects its contents like no other packaging. 

The best part is, glass is made exclusively from natural raw materials and is 100% recyclable. This way, broken things can become beautiful again.

We only have one planet. That's why we try to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Tea naturally contains caffeine. Our 3 varieties of HAKUMA differ in their caffeine content. 

If you feel tired, HAKUMA Spice, containing 32mg/100ml caffeine, will get you back on your feet sooner than later. HAKUMA Matcha fixes your focus on those days that seem shorter than your to-do-list. HAKUMA Bitter - the freshest temptation since there is thirst.

With HAKUMA Whole Tea your creativity knows no bounds. Here is a list of cocktails conjured by our favorite bartenders.

The dregs come from the micro-grind tea in HAKUMA. They are a natural byproduct of our process. We deliberately avoid artificial aids that are normally used to mask this. Just shake well and and all's well.

Of course! We don’t use any animal products or by-products.

The ingredients used to make HAKUMA contain natural sugars, but you wont find any refined sugar in our drinks.

Nope. Personally, we don’t really like sparkling tea that much. We make what we love at HAKUMA.

Whenever and wherever you want. That's why we decided to sell ground tea in a bottle, to be enjoyed on-the-go. HAKUMA helps you feel good all around.

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